Starboy prize given by the Children's jury: Director MARKUS DIETRICH (film Invisible Sue)


ECFA award

Award given by the International jury: I AM WILLIAM (director Jonas Elmer)



Global Future award given by the Youth film competition jury: THE INVISIBLES (director Claus Räfle)



Church Media Foundation prize: SUPER FURBALL (director Joona Tena)




The Children's jury gave the Starboy prize sponsored by the Oulun Energia company to the director of the best film in the Children's film competition. The prize consists of 3000 euros and a Starboy statuette created by Sanna Koivisto.


Jury statement

”Invisible Sue has everything one can wish for from a film. It deserved to win OVERWHELMINGLY. You could even take it for a Marvel movie. Little bit more romance would have been appreciated.”


Photo of the director & still from the film
Markus Dietrich Invisible Sue
Markus Dietrich Invisible Sue


The ECFA award was founded by the European Children's Film Association in 2010. It is given to the best European film in the Children's film competition by an International jury.


This year the International jury members were Julia Fleissig, the director of LUCAS – International Festival for Young Film Lovers from Frankfurt, the principal of Oulun taidekoulu (Oulu Art School) Ulla Kaislaranta and German film director Tobias Wiemann.

Jury statement

"We travelled across Europe with films, we were out and about in the present and have made trips into the past. The films have affected us in many different ways. They inspired us to sympathise and to reflect, they thrilled us with excitement, and above all they let us experience the stories of various young protagonists.

The ECFA Winner impresses with its convincing protagonist on all levels, its emotional and sometimes animated visual language and a precise view of society. The director succeeds in bringing a perfect balance of weird humor and serious topics, comedy and drama with depth to the screen and thus transports us with playful ease into the multifaceted world of William. William always masters difficulties full of hope, he approaches solutions in an unusual and positive way and in the course of the story he makes a big step out of his predicament and insecurity. We feel with all the lovingly and with great detail drawn characters, whether good or evil, and are won over by this film all along the line.

The ECFA Award goes to the Danish production I AM WILLIAM by Jonas Elmer."


Special Jury Mention

"We were only able to award one film with the ECFA Award, but there was another work, which was very important to us. A production that appeals to the youngest cinemagoers and touches, in the form of a fable, upon essential aspects of life – friendship, courage, respect, teamwork, prejudices – in a child-appropriate way. This crime story features lovingly animated characters, bizarre details and makes a case for growing with one's tasks.

A special mention goes to GORDON & PADDY by Linda Hambäck."



Photo of the director & still from the film
Jonas Elmer (centre) I am William

Jonas Elmer (centre)

I am William


The 4H Association of Oulu presented the Global Future Prize of 1000 euros to the best film in the youth film competition.


The jury members were Lara Anttila, Tiia Harjunpää, Anna Kantola and Jenna Niemelä.

Jury statement

"This year International Children’s and Youth Film Festival’s winner in the youth category was the number one preference of the most jury members. The movie brought up emotions and was compelling. Visually the winning movie was pleasing and skillfully shot. The pace of the movie was set by the narrators' own experiences and thoughts about the events. Knowing that the movie had a basis in reality gave it tension. The movie emphasized the kindness of strangers despite  cultural differences. Therefore, the winner is The Invisibles, directed by Claus Räfle.

We decided to give an honourable mention to the movie Silvana, for praising difference and tolerance."


Photo of the director & still from the film:
Claus Räfle The invisibles

Claus Räfle

The invisibles


The Media Foundation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland grants a 1500-euro prize to a Finnish feature or short film at the festival. The prize is intended to support Finnish films for children and young people and encourage film makers to examine Christian responsibility and values. This year the recipient was chosen by Pauli Juusela, the editor of Kirkko ja kaupunki and a deputy member of the board of the Church Media Foundation.


Mr. Juusela's statement

"The purpose of the Church Media Foundation Prize is to support domestic children's and youth films and encourage filmmakers to reflect on Christian responsibility and values.

In this film, the values endorsed by the foundation include the love for one's neighbour, respect for human dignity, justice, solidarity and the preservation of nature and the environment.

The award goes to Super Furball and its director Joona Tena.

Superhero movies are the blockbusters of modern cinema.

Often superheroes are ordinary people who encounter something tragic and surprising in their lives. Or they are bitten by a spider – or in this case by a guinea pig.

Director Tena’s Super Furball is an exceptional superhero, children’s own fun hero: fluffy, soft, flying and wearing a gym suit.

The film uses a combination of traditional storytelling and animation, not only in depicting its hero , but also the baltic herringss which rebel when a margarine factory is polluting their habitat.

The real superhero of the film is Emilia, who is beautifully portrayed by Elli Jäppinen. Emilia realizes that she can be brave just being herself, not only as a Super Furball. As a superhero she solves the environmental problem, as a girl she finds the courage to stand alongside her best friend.

The movie has been written humorously and directed briskly. The story is good and its theme is topical. The pollution of the Baltic Sea as an environmental problem is addressed in a way that children can relate to. The topic of school bullying is handled inspiredly as well, It is made clear that also bystanders who enable it are needed to stop bullying. Difficult themes can be treated by means of humour.

It was a pleasure to see Ella Jäppinen act naturally. The director gives also the other child actors room to perform."


Photo of the director & still from the film:
Joona Tena Super furball
Joona Tena Super Furball



Northern Script is a Nordic Short Film Screenwriting Competition for young adults between 18 and 25 years in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The five finalists of the event gathered together in Oulu taking part in screenplay workshops and the Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival.
The winner is Juuso Kuusisto with the script Race for Life. It deals with finding a young boy's point of view. Kuusisto was awarded with a festival trip to Tromsø, Norway, next summer.


The competition is organized by the Media Education Center Metka in cooperation with the Oulu International Festival of Children and Young People, the Euphoria Borealis Association, the Nordic Youth Film Festival in Tromsø, NUFF, and the Festival of Children and Young Films in Malmö with BUFF. Further information:



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