Oulu international children's and youth film festival was set up on 1982 from Pentti Kejonen's idea, who was the movie secretary of that time of city of Oulu. Since the beginning of the festival has Oulun Elokuvakeskus ry been the other organizer.


From the beginning the goal of the event was to reach their target group, children. Festival quickly established it's position nationally and got recognition from international specialists.


Oulu international children's festival has kep it's spot and the base of audience is strong. Also winds of change have been followed continuously: a big change was faced when the leader of the event since the beginning Kejonen stepped down in 2006 and his long-term coworker Eszter Vuojala stepped up to take his place.


A bit shortened version of quarter century history written by Jukka Tikkanen follows the phases of the festival.


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1982 Children's movie festival is organized for the first time in touch with Taikalamppu event. Clarence and Angel is seen as the beginning movie.


1983 Foreign festivalmovies to be part of TV distribution in Finland.
1984 Movie festival grows and internationalizes. Number of audience: 3300.
1985 Jiri Trnka's doll animations form the first special set of the festival.
1986 The first international movie visitors arrive. My life as a dog is in selection.
1987 Number of audience is growing to 6500. Astrid Lindgren 80 years festival series.
1988 International festival visitors from 10 different countries. Number of audience still growing, 7500 this year.
1989 Vilma, the festival mascot introduces herself. The world premiere of The land before time.
1990 M.A Numminen and Pedro Hietanen amuse in the opening ceremony. Chuck Jones –speciality.
1991 Children's movie festival 10 years! Uppo-Nalle–movie's world premiere.

A competition is introduced to the festival. News magazine Kaleva donates Starboy award, designed by  Sanna Koivisto. Festival reaches over 10 000 visitors.

1993 Due to request by Finnish moviemakers the festival now includes Finnish section.
1994 Eeva Ahtisaari to be the guardian of the festival.
1995 Movie 100 years! CIFEJ award is introduced.
1996 Heikki Prepula –specialty. Photograph exhibition to honor 15th birthday.
1997 Hannele Huovi's Urpo ja Turpo teddyseries as a specialty
1998 Poika ja Ilves in premiere.
1999 Immigration and being a refugee are themes in special set.
2000 Swedish hitmovie Tsatsiki, morsan och polisen as a winner. Billy Elliot also conquering the selection.
2001 Organizers dress up as movie character to celebrate 20 year long journey.

Spirited away as an opening film

2003 Finding Nemo opens the festival. Matti Ranin –specialty.
2004 Pelicanman fascinates as a festival movie.
2005 Animator Gary Goldman as an honored guest. Valo in the competition.
2006 Festival turns 25! Special set filled with the winners of earlier years.

Eszter Vuojala's first year as a festival leader. Pikku Kakkonen turns 30 and Katti Matikainen incites the audience.

2008 Polish animator-director Tadeusz Wilkosz runs a doll animation workshop for children.

Prize of the media foundation of the evngelival lutheran church of Finland-award is given for the first time to best Finnish movie. Vorstadtkrokodile directed by Christian Ditter wins the children jury's award.

2010 Vorstadtkrokodil 2. the sequel of Vorstadtkrokodil wins children jury's award again. Christian Ditter wins Kaleva award for the second time in a row.
2011 Festival 30 years! The best youth movie is awarded with For Tomorrow award for the first time. ECFA award founded in 2010 is given to the best European children's movie for the first time. Festival cafe Bysis opens it's doors.
2012 American children's classics pull huge amounts of audience. Giant burgers and American presidents take over culturehouse Valve.