Children's film competition

The witch hunters

Serbia—North Macedonia 2018 | 90 min 
Subtitles: Finnish, English
Original title: Zlogonje 
Director: Rasko Miljkovic
Script: Milos Kreckovic, Marko Manojlovic 
Cinematography: Miksa Andjelic 
Editing: Djordje Markovic 
Cast: Mihajlo Milavic, Silma Mahmuti, Jelena Djokic, Bojan Zirovic, Dubravka Kovjanic, Jelena Jovanova, Olga Odanovic, Milutin Milosevic, Stela Cetkovic 
Production: Jovana Karaulic | Akcija Produkcija, Dream Factory Macedonia,
Distribution: Der Filmverleih, Eisenbahnstraße 22a, DE - 70372 Stuttgart, email,


THU 21.11. AT 18.00 STUDIO


10-year-old Jovan suffers from cerebral palsy and stays in the classroom during breaks. In his dreams he’s soaring high in the sky of the imaginary Shade City as a superhero fighting the same bullies that push him around at school.


Things change when he befriends a brave and persistent girl named Milica. She too has a problem: her dad’s new girlfriend has bewitched him with magic potions and strange yoga positions. They must get rid of the witch!


Cerebral palsy and its treatment with regular rehabilitation is depicted believably as a part of the main character's life. During the film his handicap is transformed from a barrier to a mere hindrance.


This is a story about friendship and conquering one’s fears. It is possible to be a superhero without a cape.


Serbian filmmaker Rasko Miljkovic’s first feature film The witch hunters has won numerous awards at international film festivals.

Director Rasko Miljkovic
Director Rasko Miljkovic