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Film production in our 100-year-old neighbouring country began already under tsar rule: the first Estonian filmmaker Johannes Pääsuke made both documentaries and fiction.


Upon gaining independence in 1918, fiction and documentaries were accompanied by experimental and animated films. The most important director of this era was Theodor Luts, who moved to Finland in the 1930s.


During the Soviet era, the central government regulated film production which naturally showed in the films. The significance of animated films started to increase in the 1960s.


In the 1970s, the historical adventure The Last Relic was released. More than half of the country’s population saw the film and today it enjoys a cult status.


When Estonia became independent for the second time in 1991, the film industry found itself in a momentary crisis and the emphasis was on coproduction with other countries. Later, fictional films and animations reclaimed their place.



The last relic

The last relic | Viimne reliikvia

Soviet Union 1970
Director Grigori Kromanov


Not for persons under 12





Pikku toveri

THE LITTLE COMRADE | Seltsimees laps

Estonia 2018
Director Moonika Siimets


9 >



Lotte from Gadgetville

Lotte from Gadgetville | Leiutajateküla Lotte

Estonia 2006
Directors Heiki Ernits, Janno Põldma


For all ages




THE POLAR BOY | Polaarpoiss

Estonia 2016
Director Anu Aun


14 >



Well, come on, smile

Well, come on, smile | Naerata ometi

Soviet Union 1985
Directors Leida Laius, Arvo Iho


Not for persons under 12





S H O R T S   C O M P I L A T I O N S




39 min | No dialogue

Screening times

Mon 12.11. @ 16.30 Studio | FREE ADMISSION

Fri 16.11. @ 9.15 Pakkala Hall | RESERVED FOR SCHOOLS & KINDERGARTENS
Sat 17.11. @ 10.00 Pakkala Hall | FREE ADMISSION
Sat 17.11. @ 13.00 Hiukkavaaratalo | FREE ADMISSION
Sun 18.11. @ 10.30 Kastelli library | FREE ADMISSION


Miriam's hen's dream

Miriam's hen's dream | Miriami kana unistus

Estonia 2016
Director Andres Tenusaar

Miriam’s hen is watching the migrating birds and dreams of flying, but of course hens don’t know how to. Her family tries their best to help her achieve her dream.



Miriam's kite

Miriam's kite | Miriami tuulelohe

Estonia 2013
Director Riho Unt

The hen is flying a kite with Miriam’s little brother. However, he is too small for the kite and ends up sitting on a tree branch. The hen and Miriam need to act fast to save the little brother.



Miriam's stray dog

Miriam's stray dog | Miriami kodutu koer

Estonia 2015
Director Andres Tenusaar

The hen’s family adopts a stray dog to save it from the cold. However, the hen does not appreciate the newcomer.



The carrot

The carrot | Porgand

Estonia 2003
Director Pärtel Tall

A hungry rabbit tries to steal the snowman’s carrot nose. The snowman attempts to escape but his nose always gives away his hiding place. When spring comes, the snowman turns out to be something other than a regular snowman.



The carrot of the theatre

The carrot of the theatre | Teatriporgand

Estonia 2008
Director Pärtel Tall

The snowman with a carrot nose is running from a rabbit who loves carrots. They both find themselves on a theatre stage. A peculiar performance makes them both rich.



Lemonade tale

Lemonade tale | Limonaadi lugu

Estonia 2013
Director Vallo Toomla

A child wants some lemonade but mother refuses to buy any. The defiant child still grabs a bottle from the shelf, ends up inside the bottle and sinks to the bottom of a sea of lemonade. There is no way back to the real world, where the mother is searching for her child. Luckily, a friend is willing to help out.






54 min | No dialogue

Screening times

Thu 15.11. @ 9.00 Studio | RESERVED FOR SCHOOLS

Sat 17.11. @ 15.00 Studio | FREE ADMISSION


Coloured pencils

Coloured pencils | Värvipliiatsid

Soviet Union 1973
Director Avo Paistik

A yellow, a red and a blue colouring pencil are hanging out at the beach, when a chaotic black pencil interrupts them. The animation is playful and full of surprises despite its traditional style.



Taking off

Taking off | Lend

Soviet Union 1973
Director Rein Raamat

A film about the desire to fly, persistence in achieving one’s dreams.



Soviet Union 1966
Director Elbert Tuganov

A film about a park and its visitors, who ignore the reforms by authorities and keep using the same paths despite the new rules.

Kauhistuneet silmät


Soviet Union 1980
Director Aarne Ahi

The rabbit’s tale causes a commotion in the jungle, until the lion calms down the scared animals.

Wondrous new year night

Wondrous new year night | Imeline nääriöö

Soviet Union 1984
Directors Riho Unt, Hardi Volmer

A stop-motion animation about abandoned toys who decide to find a new home.


Sisters | Õed

Soviet Union 1974
Director Elbert Tuganov

A film about sisters who are constantly fighting.




82 min | Finnish/ English subtitles

Screening times

Fri 16.11. @ 11.15 Studio | RESERVED FOR SCHOOLS

Sat 17.11. @ 16.00 Studio | FREE ADMISSION


Inventing Estonia

Inventing Estonia | Leiutades eestit

Estonia 2017
Director Aljona Suržikova

A documentary about resourceful Estonian children and their useful inventions.





Estonia 2017
Director Helen Takkin

Tomboy Elo thinks day care is like prison. Her mind changes when she gets a new caretaker, nice and beautiful Helena.




The Overcoat

Ireland - Estonia 2018
Directors Sean Mullen, Meelis Arulepp

A film based on Nikolai Gogol's classic about a man who suffers from workplace harassment and decides to save all his money to buy a new overcoat.



Three August days

Three August days | Kolm päeva augustis

Estonia - United States 2017
Director Madli Lääne

A story of a friendship between an Estonian girl and a Russian boy in Estonia during the fall of communism in 1991.




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