Finnish competition

Elvis & Onerva

Finland 2019 | 65 min

Subtitles: English
Director, script: Mikael Syrjälä 
Cinematography: Samuli Ahonen 
Editing: Anna Nuuros 
Cast: Johannes Brotherus, Mimosa Willamo, Saana Koivisto, David Sandqvist, Ella Lymi, Joel Hirvonen, Minna Haapkylä, Tommi Korpela, Carl-Kristian Rundman, Jessica Grabowsky, Hannu-Pekka Björkman, Alex Anton 
Production: Julia Elomäki, Pietari Vappula | MEAT Films, Aalto-yliopisto/ ELO 
Distribution: MEAT Films, Aalto-yliopisto/ ELO


TUE 19.11. AT 19.15 PLAZA 5


A visually enjoyable drama by the debuting director and screenwriter Mikael Syrjälä, Elvis & Onerva depicts loneliness experienced by the young as they try to find their place in the world and in their own lives.


When the 16-year-old Onerva moves into a new town, she immediately catches Elvis’s eye. After spending some afternoons and evenings together, it is obvious for everyone that they have feelings for each other. But surrendering to those feelings seems impossible for the two when there’s a group of friends giving mixed advice.


One evening all the young people of the town gather together to party in an abandoned factory, which gives Elvis and Onerva a long-awaited moment to be alone. However, as a consequence of the evening, rumours start to spread revealing the downside of peer pressure, strong group dynamics and the need of acceptance.

Director Mikael Syrjälä
Director Mikael Syrjälä