Youth film competition


Sweden 2019 | 83 min 
Subtitles: Finnish, English
Director, script: Sergey Vasiliev  
Cinematography: Erik Lindeberg 
Editing: Patrik Forsell 
Music: David Gülich 
Cast: Hedda Berg, Sigrid Beckman, Ian Braun Henri, Karl Barwe Paul, Matilda Paulsson 
Production: Sergey Vasiliev | A Dog That Bites, email,
Distribution: A Dog That Bites





Nowadays Youtube has replaced talent shows and beauty contests as a means to achieve fame and glory, and without big boobs you’re not welcome in LA.


Teens hungry for attention pose for the camera and compete with millions just like them. The film follows the lives of six young people and the metaphorical spread of the social media virus.


The light conversation at a family dinner goes unheard when unknown men demand their webcam show. Fragile self-esteem is patched up with mirror selfies, and self-worth is directly proportional to the number of followers. You can’t blame just the kids: Johan’s mother tells off his son for not having as many subscribers as Justin Bieber

Director Sergey Vasiliev
Director Sergey Vasiliev



V I E W E R   R E V I E W


50 years ago, Andy Warhol had predicted that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” 50 years later, it becomes true, yet in an unanticipated way. PewPewPew demonstrates to us the strategies that four youths from Malmö use to become famous. Body, appearance, violence, and sex. These strategies and their effects are powerful and fast-acting drugs that create a short-time pleasurable delusion to escape the loss, depression, and emptiness of modern life. This world, like the film depicts, is increasingly lonely; deep, sincere communication and connection between people are lost in fast social interaction, information overload and fragmentation.


Social media produces an illusion of attainable fame and a better life for everyone, particularly naïve, confused, unseen youth. It seemingly closes the gap between celebrity and ordinary people. Being famous, the only recognition of self-worth, means having a perfect life. Obsessing with appearance, being popular among peers, pleasing others, I once have experienced the same thing with the four protagonists. It is a normal phase to go through while building your own identity and value. However, the digital world makes growth more extreme. Under this grim situation, the director has also challenged us to question the responsibility of family and society, apparently, the youths’ families seem more confused, helpless and lost.


Most of the time, the camera watches the characters and surroundings in a calm and objective manner, giving a sense of documentary-like reality. The experimental fragmented editing and mix image styles, whether deliberately or accidentally, turn the film into a veritable product of the digital world. Similarly, the rather joyful and light music distracts the deep resignation that the film brings about.


Yue, 25 yrs