Children's film competition


I am William

Denmark 2017  86 min
Finnish & English subtitles
Original title: Jeg er William
Direction: Jonas Elmer
Script: Kim Fupz Aakeson

Cinematography: Eric Kress

Editing: Peter Winther

Music: Halfdan E.
Cast: Alexander Magnússon, Rasmus Bjerg, Amina Awan Abou Arrakha, Dorte Hojsted, Niels- Martin Eriksen, Stinne Henriksen
Production: Jakob Kirstein Hogel, Stine Meldgaard Madsen/ Meta Film, |
Distribution: Svensk Filmindustri International, Greta Garbos Väg 11,
SE-16986 Stockholm | puh. +46 86 80 35 00


Not for persons under 7


I am William


Screening times

Wed 14.11. @ 9.00 Science Centre Tietomaa | RESERVED FOR SCHOOLS
Thu 15.11. @ 11.00 Plaza 1 | RESERVED FOR SCHOOLS

Thu 15.11. @ 18.30 Plaza 4





Life doesn’t look good for William: his father is dead and mother in a mental hospital. Still, he is managing. William’s guardian is now his uncle, who has a gaming problem and owes money to a gangster. The tough boy decides to help out his uncle in this black comedy.