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Well, come on, smile

Soviet Union 1985  88 min

English subtitles

Original title: Naerata ometi

Direction: Leida Laius, Arvo Iho

Script: Maria Sheptunova - based on a novel by S. Rannamaa
Cinematography: Arvo Iho
Editing: Kersti Miilen
Music: Lepo Sumera
Cast: Monika Jarv, Hendrik Toompere, Tauri Tallermaa, Katrin Temleht, Kerttu Aaving, Helle Kuningas, Mari Lill, Evald Hermaküla, Edit-Helen Kuusk
Production: Tallinnfilm


Not for persons under 12

  Well, come on, smile  

Screening times

Fri 16.11. @ 13.00 Studio | RESERVED FOR SCHOOLS

Sat 17.11. @ 17.30 Studio | FREE ADMISSION





  Sensitive Mari is taken back to the orphanage after her escape attempt. Robi and Tauri express their interest towards the melancholic girl. Mari has to decide which one to fall in love with. The older orphan girls tease her in the middle of the love triangle.