Youth film competition


Rock my heart

Germany 2017  105 min
Finnish & English subtitles
Direction: Hanno Olderdissen

Script: Clemente Fernandez-Gil, Hanno Olderdissen

Cinematoraphy: Sten Mende

Editing: Claudia Wolscht

Music: Tobias Wagner
Cast: Lena Klenke, Dieter Hallervorden, Emilio Sakraya, Annette Frier, Vedat Erincin, Johann von Bülow, Michael Lott, Milan Peschel, Anneke Kim Sarnau
Production: Boris Schönfelder, Christine Strobl, Marc Gabizon, David Kehrl, Antonio Exacoustos/ Neue Schönhauser Filmproduktion GmbH, Wild Bunch Germany GmbH
Distribution: Wild Bunch Germany GmbH, Büro Berlin, Knesebeckstr. 59 – 61
10719 Berlin, Deutschland |


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Rock my heart


Screening times

Mon 12.11. @ 9.00 Plaza 1 | RESERVED FOR SCHOOLS

Tue 13.11. @ 13.00 Plaza 1 | RESERVED FOR SCHOOLS

Thu 15.11. @ 18.30 Plaza 5





17-year-old Jana has a serious illness but that doesn’t stop her from testing her limits. The young woman meets a horse from her dreams and its owner Paul. The fiery horse only accepts Jana. Winning a famous horse race would solve all their problems.