Irkkufestari 2019


I R I S H   F I L M   W E E K
2 - 6 october 2019





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Ciarán Ó Maonaigh:

‘Sé mo Laoch - Maighréad & Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill

Wednesday 2 oct. at 14:00
sUNday 6 Oct. at 12:30

Maighréad & Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill

‘Sé mo Laoch is produced by Aniar TV | 2018 | 50 min | In English, no subtitles


Maighréad and Tríona Ní Domhnaill from Kells in Co. Meath are two singers blessed with a repertoire and tradition from Rannafast in Donegal and two very distinctive voices. Creating harmonies with an understanding that only siblings have and delivery that comes from the heart, the sisters have brought their heritage to the world stage with songs handed down from previous generations, songs that would otherwise have been lost. Here they tell their story in their own words.




Ken Wardrop:

Making the Grade

Wednesday 2 Oct. at 17:00
Thursday 3 Oct. at 11:00

Making the grade

Documentary | 2017 | 82 min | Colour | In English, no subtitles


Over 30,000 students prepare for piano exams each year in Ireland. In this delightfully quirky and uplifting documentary, we are invited into the world of the piano lesson. The film examines the special bond between piano teachers and their pupils, shares in the students' struggles, and marvels at their teachers' dedication.




Dónal Ó Ceilleachair:

The Camino Voyage - IOMRAMH AN CHAMINO

WEDNESDAY 2 Oct. at 19:00
FRIday 4 Oct. at 18:00

The Camino voyage

Documentary | 2018 | 98 min | Colour | In English, no subtitles


A crew of explorers takes to the beloved, sacred Camino de Santiago – not by land but by sea – in this evocative, immersive documentary. The adventurers, including a writer, two musicians, an artist and a stonemason, take to the waters in a traditional boat, a Naomhóg, which they built themselves.


There are dangers and challenges in their 2,500 km modern-day Celtic odyssey all the way from Ireland to France and on to Northern Spain, but joys and inspiration too, as we are invited to join them on their remarkable, surprising journey.


Featuring Oscar-winning musician Glen Hansard, renowned Irish musician Brendan Begley, distinguished artist Liam Holden, skilled stonemason Brendan Moriarty, and celebrated writer and poet Danny Sheehy (1951- 2017).

“An absolutely beautiful film” – BBC Radio Ulster




Ciarán Ó Maonaigh:

‘Sé mo Laoch - Matt Molloy

THURSday 3 Oct. AT 14:00
SUNday 6 Oct. at 11:30

Matt Molloy

‘Sé mo Laoch is produced by Aniar TV | 2018 | 50 min | In English, no subtitles


This film looks at the life and career of the great flute player Matt Molloy who was born in Ballaghadareen, County Roscommon into a family of flute players. He began playing the flute at 8 years of age and by the age of 18 he had won the senior All Ireland title at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann. He moved to Dublin in the mid-1960s where he played on the music scene. During the burgeoning 70s Matt was a founder member of the famous Bothy Band. After the short-lived life of the Bothies he appeared briefly with the reformed Planxty. In 1979 he joined the Chieftains and has toured the world with them ever since.




Terry McMahon:

Patrick’s Day

THURSday 3 Oct. AT 17:00
Sunday 6 Oct. at 19:00

Patrick's day

Feature | 2014 | 101 min | Colour | In English, no subtitles


Patrick (Moe Dunford) is a warm, open, 26-year-old with schizophrenia. His life is regulated through medication and by his obsessively devoted mother, Maura (Kerry Fox). When he loses his virginity and falls in love with a suicidal air-hostess (Catherine Walker) his life is transformed. But, blind to his need for adult intimacy and convinced that the relationship is wholly destructive, Maura does her best to separate them.


Presenting a bold and unapologetic portrait of mental breakdown and family dysfunction, Patrick’s Day is guaranteed to provoke valuable discussion about the nature of psychiatric illness.


“Painfully raw, incredibly passionate, bold and necessary” - New York Examiner

Best Irish Feature Film Award, Galway Film Fleadh 2014




Lance Daly:

Black '47

THURSday 3 Oct. at 19:00
SATURday 5 Oct. at 16:00

Black 47

Feature | 2018 | 99 min | Colour | In English, no subtitles


When the taciturn Feeney (James Frecheville) deserts from fighting for the British Army in Afghanistan, he returns to a country ravaged and starving, with many of his own family among the dead. Outraged at the injustices he sees perpetrated by rent collectors, law enforcement, and English landowners, he seeks vengeance, pursued by former comrade Hannah (Hugo Weaving). Mixing history with the tropes of Westerns and revenge thrillers, writer-director Lance Daly has created a significant and long overdue addition to the Irish canon.

“An epic famine drama” – The Irish Times





Ciarán Ó Maonaigh:

‘Sé mo Laoch - Frankie Gavin

FRIday 4 Oct. at 14:00

Frankie Gavin

‘Sé mo Laoch is produced by Aniar TV | 2018 | 50 min | In English, no subtitles


Frankie Gavin is one of the best-known exponents of traditional Irish music anywhere in the world. This revealing documentary tells the story of Frankie Gavin, a founder of the great De Dannan, an ensemble that helped to bring Irish music to the world stage throughout the 1970s and ‘80s and a global ambassador for Irish music. This film documents his rejoining with Alec Finn at the Cork Folk Festival 2017 after a hiatus of 15 years.





Ciarán Ó Maonaigh:

‘Sé mo Laoch - Alec Finn

FRIday 4 Oct. AT 16:00
Sunday 6 Oct. at 17:30

Alec Finn

‘Sé mo Laoch is produced by Aniar TV | 2018 | 50 min | In English, no subtitles


This film looks at the life and career of the bohemian, artistic and unique accompanist Alec Finn. Co-founder of De Dannan, and according to many, the glue that kept it all together musically in the band. Finn, a trained artist and a Yorkshire man with a background in the Blues came to Ireland accompanied by a falcon, embraced traditional Irish music and developed a style of accompaniment on the Greek round back bouzouki that had never been heard before. He made Ireland his home and left an indelible mark on the tradition with his extraordinary and original talent.






Donegal Fiddle Talk - ‘Was it something in the water?’
with Martin McGinley


Limited seating, please arrive early to secure a seat.

Martin McGinley

60 min | In English | All ages


The Donegal fiddle tradition is one of the unique treasures of Irish folk music. Martin McGinley, a renowned Donegal-style fiddler himself, takes us on a tour of some of the finest fiddle music ever produced. We meet and hear the greats, including the travelling fiddler John Doherty, the opinionated and brilliant Neilly Boyle and the reclusive Frank Cassidy. And we explore some of the very true stories of fairy fiddlers, tunes inspired by ghosts and much more!



Declan McGrath:

Lomax in Éireann

SUNDAY 6 OCT. AT 16.30

Lomax in Éireann

Documentary | Writer: Felim MacDermott | 2018 | 52 min | Colour | Irish Gaelic with English subtitles


In 1951 American musicologist Alan Lomax travelled to Ireland and, guided by piper Séamus Ennis, began recording and collecting traditional Irish songs and music. Released as the album Ireland, and credited with the folk and traditional music revivals of the 1960s and 1970s, these recordings sparked Lomax’s ambitious journey to gradually record the folk music of the world.


Clannad’s Pól Brennan traces the roots of folk and blues songs from marginalised black communities of the southern US states, showing how Lomax’s 1933 recording of Lead Belly’s Goodnight, Irene later came to be recorded in Irish by sean nós singer Cití Ní Ghallchóir in Donegal.


Declan McGrath’s documentary weaves archival footage, atmospheric landscapes, and interviews with contemporary musicians to investigate the man who first chronicled what we know today as world music.





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