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Aleksander Szeser:


Wednesday 3 oct. at 18:00 | Free entry
Thursday 4 Oct. at 18:00 | Free entry

Inside I'm racing

2017 | 18 min | In English, no subtitles


A young autistic boy fascinated with motorsport unexpectedly finds a chance to put his passion to the test.


Fifteen-year-old Jamie is autistic. Isolated from the world, he devotes all his time to his special interest – race cars. His room is shrouded with posters, magazines, technical charts and he spends hours playing car racing video games.  As the adults discuss about what to do with Jamie’s ongoing therapy, they lose sight of Jamie for a moment.  After a few anxious moments they see him… behind the wheel of a race-car heading out onto the track. Fifteen-year-old Jamie not only loves race cars and knows everything about them.  He’s a driver.


Official Selection 33rd Boston Film Festival 2017




Anthony White:


Wednesday 3 Oct. at 18:30
Thursday 4 Oct. at 18:30

Kila óir

2017 | 63 min | B/W | In English, no subtitles


Kíla: Pota Óir is a portrait of one of Ireland’s most respected cult bands that merge folk and world music traditions into a euphoric live experience. Now in their 30th year, Kíla has come to be considered one of Ireland’s most exciting and innovative bands.


Director Anthony White followed the band on tour, capturing the infectious vitality of their performances. The film combines generous swathes of concert footage, candid interviews and intimate backstage moments to create a lively record of one of Ireland’s most acclaimed live acts.




Sean Ó Cualain:

Anseo i lár an Ghleanna | In the Shadow of the Glen

Friday 5 Oct. at 18:00
Sunday 7 Oct. at 16:30

Anseo i lár an ghleanna

2017 | 50 min | In Irish Gaelic with English Subtitles


For decades populations in townlands & villages all across the West of Ireland have been devastated by emigration. One such townland is LochConAortha in Connemara. Since the 1970s the vigor of a vibrant, close-knit community and its ancient folk culture has vanished. In this personal portrait of his village filmmaker Sean Ó Cualain portrays a community fighting to survive in 21st century Ireland.




Laura McGann:


friday 5 Oct. AT 19:00
Saturday 6 Oct. at 16:00


2016 | 87 min | In English, no subtitles


Revolutions introduces the exciting, sometimes brutal, world of women’s roller derby, a non-traditional sport that is gaining popularity but still operates well outside the sporting mainstream. Director Laura McGann followed a number of women over four years as they commit to this grueling sport and determine to meet the physical and mental challenges they encounter. McGann’s documentary demystifies this rule-laden, jargon rich world and celebrates the fearless warrior women who have found new channels for self-expression within it.




Maurice Fitzpatrick:

In the Name of Peace: John Hume in America

Saturday 6 Oct. AT 12:00
Sunday 7 Oct. at 13:00

In the Name of Peace: John Hume in America

2017 | 90 min | In English, no subtitles


Exploring the decades-long campaign by Nobel Prize winner John Hume to secure peace in Northern Ireland, Maurice Fitzpatrick reveals how Hume, inspired by Martin Luther King and rising from the riot-torn streets of Northern Ireland, enlisted an army of heavy-weight international heads of state to the cause.


Narrated by Liam Neeson and scored by Bill Whelan (Riverdance), this feature-length documentary includes interviews with Presidents Clinton and Carter, US senators and congressmen, as well as Irish leaders, and British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and John Major.




Pekka Viinikka:

Grand Canal – The Roots of Irish Music

Saturday 6 Oct. at 14:00 | Free entry
Sunday 7 Oct. at 12:00 | 16.00 | Free entry

Grand canal - the roots of Irish music

Finland 2017 | 20 min | In Finnish & English, no subtitles


Narrow Neck, from Rovaniemi, in the Arctic Circle, is one of the northernmost Irish bands in the world.


The document tells the tale of the musicians’ journey down the Grand Canal in Ireland. Along the Canal, over a 100 kilometres long, there’s numerous small towns and cities with pubs filled with history and music. During their journey Narrow Neck stopped at old, dim pubs to play with local musicians, for example in The Fisherman’s Thatched Inn, located in Fisherstown and dating back to the 15th century. In the wild sessions Finnish and Irish music shook hands seamlessly.


The Finnish musicians found what they were looking for in the “authentic land”, away from the tourist floods of the big cities. In addition to the pub sessions, they also play Finnish and Irish tunes on the deck of the canal ferry til the early hours. Every day on the boat brings something new as they awake to a new day filled with music.



Ricky Carranza:

Keep It REEL

live performances

Saturday 6 Oct. at 15:00 | VALVE CONCERT HALL | Tickets 10€/6€

Keep it reel

Film: 2017 | 50 min | In English, no subtitles


Welcome to the official Finnish premiere of Keep it REEL intertwined with live dance and musical performances with special guests from the film.


Keep it REEL is a film about the history of Irish dance culture in Finland from the point of view of Ilkka Kuosmanen and Essi Lahtinen-Carranza, two award winning Irish dancers who have made significant contributions to it. The Irish dance scene in Finland was born a few years after Riverdance premiered at the 1994 Eurovision song contest. The rest is history as they say. Narrated by Eamonn Keenan, this is the colourful story of its development explored through the personal experiences of Ilkka and Essi.


Join us as we bring the film to life!





Pat Collins:


Saturday 6 Oct. AT 18:00
Sunday 7 Oct. at 18:00

Song of granite

2017 | 104 min | B/W | In Irish Gaelic with English subtitles


Acclaimed filmmaker Pat Collins presents the life story of legendary sean nós sing Joe Heaney (Sesoamh Ó hÉanaí). The film celebrates the genius of the musician while painting an unflinching portrait of a deeply enigmatic and complex man. Born in Connemara in 1919, Joe Heaney was shaped by the myths, music and songs of his upbringing. By the time of his death in Seattle in May 1984, he was internationally acclaimed as one of the most important figures in Irish traditional music. Collins has created a work of musical integrity and cinematic purity - his most exquisite work to date.


Ireland’s submission for the Foreign Language Film Oscar 2018

SXSW 2017 Film Festival World Premier





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