The First Sword of Wudang

Finland - China 2018  18 min
Finnish subtitles
Original title: Wudang di yi jian
Direction, cinematography, editing: Mirkka Suhonen

Script: traditional class of Wudang Daoist Martial Arts Academy

Music: Ville Suopajärvi

Cast: Chen Xinjie, Shi Bowen, Chen Haonan, Wu Yuanlong, Chen Wenbing, Tian Liang, Zhou Kai, He Yuankai, Xiao Ba, Li Ruiming, Zhang Jie, Jayson Moss

Production, distribution: Mirkka Suhonen/ M Suhonen Films, msuhonenfilms@gmail.com | msuhonen.wixsite.com


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The first sword of Wudang

Screening times

Mon 12.11. @ 13.15 Studio | Mirkka Suhonen's masterclass

Fri 16.11. @ 17.30 Studio, director-cinematographer-editor Mirkka Suhonen present at the screening | FREE ADMISSION






The First Sword of Wudang, a skilled warrior, wants to acquire an important book. With the help of his squires, he attacks his former academy in order to claim the book. The quest includes mishaps and lessons about the nature of kung fu.